Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kris Allen & Lifehouse - Orpheum Theater Boston 10.16.10

Saturday night I headed into Boston to see Kris Allen and Lifehouse play the second show of the Smoke and Mirrors tour. I was at the kickoff show Friday night at Foxwoods as well (Blog to come on that soon), but Saturday night was definitely the better of the two shows, mainly because the crowd was way more into it. Anyway, after hitting traffic and missing the entrance to the Boston Common parking garage, I met up with Sandy and Reenie and we walked over the venue together. Doors were open already, so we headed in to find our seats. The Orpheum Theater is pretty tiny - I believe it only seats about 1500, and even though we had 3rd row mezzanine, we were much closer then I thought we'd be. Actually even though I was farther away in Boston, I felt that those seats were better then my 9th row that I had at Foxwoods (off to the left side).

The show started on time at 7:30 and Alyssa Bernal opened up. She is from Texas and was discovered on you tube, then signed. She was absolutely adorable and for someone who was having their first gig on her first tour - was really quite good. I was pleasantly surprised and found myself jamming along to her music! Its catchy and a bit pop-y, but I think I'll be investigating her a bit further. Kris took the stage around 8:15, and I think every time I see Kris, he gets better and better. He opened with Written All Over My Face, and went straight into Can't Stay Away. Other highlights included Red Guitar and Is it Over, as well as Alright With Me, which is not only the new single, but so much fun live. Kris closed with Come Together, which really proves how tight the band is. The crowd loved him - there was lots of singing along, a lot of screams, and even a sign that said "Will marry Cale for backstage passes." Kris of course noticed the sign and mocked Cale for it. Kris's full setlist was • Written All Over My Face • Can't Stay Away • Red Guitar • Alright With Me • Man in the Mirror • Is it Over • Live Like We're Dying • Come Together

The lights went down for the third time around 9, and Lifehouse took the stage to screams and camera flashes. I saw Lifehouse play with Daughtry back in March, and being that I've been a fan since I first heard them, it was a total experience to hear the songs that I've loved for so long live - because they always sound different. The crowd was on its feet through Lifehouse's 90 minute set, as they played a good mix from the current album, Smoke and Mirrors (All In, Wrecking Ball, Nerve Damage, Here Tomorrow) as well as old favorites (You and Me, Hanging by a Moment, Falling for the First Time, Spin, and Whatever it Takes). About halfway through the show the band left, and Jason played an acoustic medley for about 10-15 minutes and we got partial Everything, Breathing, It is What It Is, Storm and a couple of other songs I don't know the names of but recognized. They closed their regular set with Broken, and came back out for their encore (with Jason in a Larry Bird shirt), playing Halfway Gone and finally closing with Everything. Everything is such an emotionally charged, yet very vulnerable song and it's always been one of my favorites. It brought me to tears both nights to just sit and listen to Jason's voice - that song became so much more powerful live. I can't even put it into words as to how much it touched me all over again.

After the show ended, we headed outside and I ran into Christy, where she was looking at some pictures she had taken. I asked her jokingly if we stood on that side of the buses, the guys would see us and come out. She was like, "Kris Allen is over on the other side of the bus right now." I grabbed Reenie and we hightailed it over where we joined the crowd waiting to talk to Kris. I have to say while it was semi-unorganized, it was fairly respectful. After waiting a short time, I was finally able to meet Kris! He signed my CD cover, and I got a picture and a hug. He's SO tiny. I've always known he's tiny, just from watching him on stage, but when you're standing next to him, you really see that he's not a big guy at all! I thanked him and we made our way out of the crowd and to the other side of the buses in the ally, where security guards were shooing us all to the end of it so they could back the equipment truck in. Now if you know Boston, you know that its a pain in the ass to drive in, much less park in, and nevermind if you're in an 18-wheeler! I was absolutely impressed when they backed that truck in like nobody's business. We hung for a little while longer, but it was getting late, I was tired, and it was cold, so we said our goodbyes and headed out. It was an amazing night and I'm so glad I got to go!

Red Guitar

Alright With Me

Is it Over

You and Me

Hanging by a Moment

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