Monday, November 26, 2012

What I'm Listening to Lately

Oh Hello.

I know, it's been awhile. Things have been busy, so this blog has been neglected a bit, but I'm hoping to not let it slide too much anymore with new music coming out in 2013! I thought I'd share some music that I've added to my iTunes as of late.

Our Wild Love - Low 
From the guys in Plain Jane Automobile comes a new project. Low is the first single off their new album, due out sometime next year. I love this song a lot - its a bit dark and ethereal, and a totally different direction from the Plain Jane Automobile music. I'm really itching to hear the rest of the album now. Oh and you can download their song, for FREE at the above web site.

Mumford & Sons - Babel
I love their folk-rock alternative sound and Babel is the follow up album to Sigh No More, which is just fantastic. As much as I love the first album, I think Babel is amazing. Mumford and Sons stay true to who they are, and it's worked for them. That's a true artist.

This is a relatively new band that a friend of mine introduced me to this year, and oh lord they are fantastic. They have their Debut EP out on itunes right now, but I'm going to link to their newest song, Hollywood Underwater. I am VERY much looking forward to their full length album due out this spring on Bright Antenna.

Ryan Star- Stay Awhile
I know I posted the video for this song earlier this year when it came out, but I really can't get enough of it. Its sexy and suggestive, but still has an absolute rock vibe to it. Acoustic or full band, this song soars. Ryan is current in the studio working on his new album, which will hopefully be released early next year. I can't wait for the new stuff!

And because it's the holiday season, I have to link to my favorite holiday album right now

Josh Groban - Noel 
This album is just a beautiful album of classic songs, and Josh is one of my favorite artists. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for a baritone. The only thing missing in my opinion is his version of Oh Holy Night, which is not only one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I love how effortless he makes it seem, soaring through the high notes.

What about you? What are you listening to lately?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kris Allen - The Vision of Love Video Premiere!

The Vision of Love video is here! The gorgeous video features Kris singing alone in a loft while the stories of 2 high school teens are intertwined. Directed by Lenny Bass and filmed in LA last month, the video is simple and well done, without the storyline taking away from the message of the song and promoting anti-bullying as well. The song is the lead single off of Kris's upcoming sophomore album, Thank You Camellia, set to drop on May 22. I personally love the song and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Check out the video below, and don't forget to preorder the album!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plain Jane Automobile - The Starlight Sessions Live Recordings

Plain Jane Automobile recently released the  Starlight Sessions Live Recordings -an acoustic recording of 3 songs - two of which are on the new album and were just stripped down, and the third is a great cover of Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. I Follow Rivers opens the EP and it's a great upbeat tune to kick it off with. I honestly have never heard the original song, but I really dig their interpretation.

Stones is up next and if I didn't already love this song so much, the acoustic version would have sealed the deal. I love how gorgeous it is stripped down. Lead man Duke Crider's vocals just bring a sense of longing and wanting to the song, while the piano just takes it to a completely different place. This is hands down my absolute favorite track off the EP.

We Live in the Dark, Part 1 rounds out the three song set, and while its not stripped down as much as Stones, I love it. The acoustic track just brings a completely different vibe to the song while keeping the PJA sound that they're known for. I'd love to hear them do a completely acoustic album, and this EP is a great start. Also, did I mention that you can download the Starlight Sessions Live Recordings for FREE from Plain Jane Automobile's web site? While you're there getting the 3 acoustic songs, check out the rest of their music on their web site. Because that's free too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ryan Star - Stay Awhile Video

Hey, the blog is alive! I know its been a long time, but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and will be periodically updating. I haven't abandoned it, no worries, dear readers. :)

Last week, Ryan Star unveiled the official video for his new single, Stay Awhile. I really love the song - I feel like it'd do well on radio and will be a great song for the summer. If you're in the Phoenix, AZ area, Mix 96.9 has been playing it - and it can also be streamed online. I'm super excited to see what's going to happen with it - and I can't wait for more new music from Ryan.

Here's the video - its PG-13 for some nudity and probably not safe for work. Let me know what you think!