Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) - Studio at Webster Hall, NYC, 7.17.2011

So I'm doing things a little out of order here, but that's what keeps life interesting, right? I originally wasn't planning on going to this show, since it was a Sunday night and weeknight shows can be hard for me with travel and work. But I was already going to be in NYC that weekend for the Culture Fix show the previous Friday so with a little bit of convincing, I decided to stay the full weekend and wrap my 4-show run at the Studio at Webster Hall. I'm so glad I did - it was one of the most awesome shows I've been to. But let me back up and start at the beginning.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Plain Jane Automobile - Fontana's, NYC 6.25.11

Photo Credit: Lisa Gansky Photography
I was really glad I was able to catch this show since Plain Jane isn't coming to Boston on this tour, and I love seeing them live. When it turned out they were playing in NYC the same weekend that I was already in the area, I decided to stay an extra night for the show. Fontana's is an interesting venue - its tiny, first of all, and second of all, the music room is downstairs, so its almost like being in someone's basement. PJA wasn't playing until 11, so Lisa and I got there around 10:30, right in the middle of the opener's set. Liat was really interesting - very folksy and bluesy, and sang a great medley of the Cranberries' Zombie and Dreams, along with her own original music. From what I heard, I liked a lot. She finished and Plain Jane got ready to take the stage.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco - Northstar Bar, Philadelphia 6.24.11

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Gansky Photography
This was the show that we almost didn't make it to thanks to the traffic from hell. But we made it, just as Lukas Rossi was finishing his set, so we didn't miss any of Jimmy.  Northstar is a cool venue with a high stage, so even if you're standing in the back of the room, you can still see the performer. When we first walked in, Lukas Rossi was just finishing up and was sitting on a chair on the stage. Even though I was at the bar, I could still see him and the acoustic were great. In addition, there is an upstairs balcony that pretty much hangs right over the top of the stage. Its a nice alternative that gives you a different perspective. Its also nice when its super crowded. The show that night wasn't, but there was still a good crowd.