Friday, May 14, 2010

How I Became a Jimmy Gnecco/OURS Fan

I was asked recently, Jimmy Gnecco and Ours - you seem to be a huge fan, based on your postings - what's the best thing about him/them, and what made you become such a fan?"

Cross posted from my LiveJournal - because I think that this is important to a lot of the things I will be talking about. I will be writing about other shows and artists of course, but I talk about Jimmy a lot.

I was first introduced to Ours' music through my friend Erin, who I had met on a David Cook board. She had either posted about it or shared something - one of the two. I was immediately intrigued so I asked her to send me more, which she did. After that - I got their latest CD (Mercy) and decided I had to see them live after Erin had come back from a show in Atlanta in July 2008 and posted a couple of videos. I joined up on a fanboard (KTB) and saw a show announced for the Bowery Ballroom in NYC in September 2008. I was going to be on vacation that week so I figured I could swing it - then a Cambridge show was announced and I scrapped my plans to go to NYC and planned to go to the show in Cambridge. It was a Wednesday night and it posed a problem - none of my friends wanted to go with me, so I had resigned myself to going alone.

Erin had just started a new job and had said there was no way that she could get it off to come up - until she took a chance and asked her boss. Her boss said yes so Erin not only flew up to Boston on her birthday to share it with Jimmy and I - but to also be there for my first Jimmy/Ours experience. It was an unbelievable experience. The band live is so intense - and I felt that the music touched me in a spot in my soul that I didn't know music could. Erin and I also completely bonded over Jimmy. I can't thank him enough for introducing me to my best friend - the sister I never had growing up. I saw them two more times in 2008 - both with Erin - in Nashville and Atlanta, respectively - and then went through a bit of a drought until August of 2009 when they opened for Blue October.

Jimmy has since been working on a solo album, so he's been doing a bit of touring himself before the album drops (This spring!) and I've seen him three times since October - all in NJ/NYC. Its something that I never thought I would do, especially drive alone to NY - but I've met an entire new group of friends that are based in that area.

Probably the best thing about his music/Ours music - is that its honest. It's a tad emo, its raw. But its hopeful and no matter what, pulls me out of a funk. Its what I first run to if I need to calm down, or am scared or nervous. And the best thing about Jimmy - he's so genuine. He is so giving with his time and talks to everyone who wants to talk to him after shows. He truly listens to what you have to say and looks you in the eye. His eyes are so blue and boar into your soul - which makes me feel a little intimidated - but he's the nicest guy. Not to mention he has a kick-ass memory. I was able to talk to him after the Maxwells show in December and thank him for his music, and bringing me together with Erin, and he was just completely blown away. I've gotten smiles from him on stage when he saw me in the crowd - and at the last show (Mercury Lounge), when I talked to him after and couldn't remember if I'd introduced myself to him - he said I had and gave me not only a hug, but a kiss on the cheek. Because the fandom is so small and loyal - its the same people who go to the shows - Jimmy gets to know everyone - at least recognize people - which I think is pretty awesome. Jimmy's bandmates are also amazingly nice too.

And the fandom itself is pretty awesome. Everyone there is so nice and welcoming. And giving. I have yet to run across a horrible person who's a Jimmy/Ours fan. Its very small and very loyal. People go to a lot of the shows so we all know each other. Its like a secret society. To be quite honest, Jimmy and the band deserve major label success, playing larger venues then he is that hold thousands - not hundreds. But for purely selfish reasons - I like the way it is now. Its intimate. Its small. The shows are inexpensive (I have not paid more than $30 for a show, and that was only because Blue October was headlining) and we have full access to Jimmy and the guys before/after the show. But after talking to some other friends - I don't see Jimmy playing anything bigger than theaters - as he's all about the intimacy when it comes to the shows.

I would be completely lost in my life without Ours' music in my life. I can't wait to see what Jimmy's solo album is like - although I've heard a lot of it - he's played a lot of new stuff at the shows - and I just can't wait to hear the album itself. I can't wait for the next Ours album. The music will continue to be a huge part of my life - and its brought me together with some of the best people I've ever know.

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