Saturday, June 11, 2011

David Cook - WXLO Music Loft - Green Hills Golf Club 6.7.2011

David's been doing quite a bit of radio promo for his upcoming album, This Loud Morning, set to drop on June 28, and one of the stops along his way was in Worcester MA, at WXLO's Music Loft. I was stoked to win tickets, as I've been to a few other loft shows before, and they're always super intimate and super fun. I was surprised to find out that it was off site at Green Hills Golf Club in Worcester instead of at the radio station but it was a gorgeous summer night (a bit on the warm side) and we were in a gorgeous location.

The radio station had told me to arrive by 5:30, as the performance was at 6, so when I arrived and parked around 5:15, there was already a pretty good line. Instead of being inside, which I expected, it was outside on their deck, overlooking the golf course. Different, but ok. (I found out later that the Loft itself isn't air conditioned, and it would not have been a good situation to have the event there when it was about 90 out.) When they initially let us in, I was legitimately standing about 2 feet from the stage. I think over the course of a little while, people realized how close we all were to the stage, so some tables were quickly brought over to create a barrier of sorts, which was awkward while we were all standing there but once it got straightened out it was fine. It was still intimate, and there were maybe only....50-60 people there for the performance.

The performance itself was incredible. Just David and Neal, and while they only sang 4 songs (Come Back to Me, an awesome cover of The Cars Drive, Light On and Last Goodbye), it was so fantastic to hear them like that. It was not a horrible way to spend a Tuesday evening. After the performance, David was doing a very brief meet and greet with pictures - and as expected a long line quickly formed. A few of my friends and I hung back to talk to Neal who is seriously the nicest guy ever. He had to take equipment down so we went to get in line to go say hi to David. The meet and greet itself was very rushed, just 1 picture in groups of 4 - and luckily I'd made some friends so we were just a group of 4 so that worked out well. After we got shooed outside we saw Neal talking to some people so we joined the small group. He was very sweet and took pictures with us all before they had to leave.

All in all, it was a great time. A bit more rushed then the other loft performances I've been to, but still fun. I'm hoping that with this radio promotion that David's doing up here that I don't think he did much of when his first album dropped that we'll get some tour dates in this area. And perhaps WXLO will have him in their music loft again.

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  1. It's always nice to see your David Cook geekdom (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) pay off for you. :)

  2. Sarah Beth, I was there too. I agree it was quite a pleasant way to spend a beautiful June evening. I hope they do have David Cook back to the Music Loft. I would once again do everything I could to get some tickets to that!