Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mike Robins - Rockwood Music Hall, NYC - 5.14.2011

While I was in NYC last weekend, I found out my good friend Mike Robins was playing a show at Rockwood after the Plain Jane show - so once that wrapped up, I headed over, as it was pretty close and he wasn't playing until 1am. I'd never been to Rockwood before. Its a fantastic intimate venue, with kickass acoustics and no cover. It's probably one of the best kept secrets in New York, and no matter who's playing, its a great time. When I arrived, I met up with Serena and we hung out with Mike for a little bit before it was time for his set. A couple of the other bands had run a little over, so by the time he took the stage, it was after 1, but it didn't matter. There was still a good crowd there and since it was so intimate, you could be anywhere in the room and still see, but like to be right up front because its all about the connection. And connect Mike did. Even though it was him and his acoustic guitar, he had me captured from the first note he sang to the last. His stage presence is just incredible. I'd actually love to see him fronting his band as well - because I think that'd be amazing.

This was the first time I'd heard Mike play live, and while I'd been listening to the EP for awhile now, it was fun to hear the songs live, because music always sounds a bit different then the studio in a live setting. I love Day By Day, loved the little interlude he put into the middle of No Mercy, the Bruno Mars cover of Amazing in the middle of You and I which actually sounds a bit Jason Mraz-y live, and I really like Breaking a Promise, Change Your Mind and Still Alive a LOT more now that I've heard them live. Those were 3 songs that I liked but weren't on my must repeat list, but now they certainly are. A sing along to U2's With or Without You and a cover of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror rounded out the set, along with a couple of other songs who's names are escaping me at the moment. Overall, it was an fantastic show - and Mike has jumped up high onto my artists to watch list. His single, No Mercy, is currently number 1 on the Clear Channel iheartradio Adult Contemporary charts, and you can get the EP on itunes here.

Here's Man in the Mirror from the show the other night, and if you'd like to see more videos, you can visit my friend Emily's YouTube channel here. She has most everything from the show uploaded. And all of my pictures from this show are here. Please credit if used.

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