Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars - Agganis Arena, Boston 5.1.11

I was not only lucky enough to win tickets for this show, but I also won meet and greet passes to meet the band beforehand. I had never seen them live before, but have loved This is War since I heard it and I'd heard nothing but good things about them in concert, so I was excited. I had no idea if my tickets would be GA floor or if they would be assigned seating, so I arrived at the Agganis Arena early. Apparently, arriving early paid off - I got street parking - score! I picked up my tickets and stressed a little as no one seemed to know anything about the meet and greet for the radio station.

Brooke arrived around 545, and as there was a line and someone making comments about 'meet and greet', we jumped into the line only to be told that we were in the wrong place. The box office didn't know anything, so we ended up hanging around outside until the doors opened at 6:30 and a very nice security guard was able to help us. Bless him. The radio station had told us 7pm, but things were running behind so we ended up not going down to the room where we would be meeting the band until around 7:30. There were probably about 20-25 people in all, from various stations in the area. The theme was 80's night so it was so much fun to see what everyone was wearing as we were waiting to be brought downstairs.

Jared, Shannon and Tomo came into the room about 8 or so and signed things and we got pictures. It was really low key and everyone was really nice - from the band to security. We finally got back upstairs close to 9, and found our seats, which weren't great but they were free, so I wasn't complaining. The Agganis isn't a huge arena at all so it was fine. 30 Seconds to Mars finally took the stage around 10, and opened with Escape and went straight into A Beautiful Lie. After hearing this album for so long, it was amazing to hear the songs live.

Credit: ILoveJared-Leto Tumblr
I'll say this - the whole show was an experience. I can't really put into words how amazing it was because it was just that - amazing. Hearing Hurricane acoustic was just gorgeous, and I love The Kill, so as it started out acoustic, I thought it was going to stay that way - boy was I wrong! Jared took off through the audience, came partially up to where we were sitting and ended the song back up on stage with the full band. I've always loved Closer to the Edge, but now that I've heard it live - its truly an emotional moment to see so many people just embracing the music and feeling every little thing that the band throws at them. They ended with Kings and Queens, which is the first song I heard from This is War and the one I most wanted to hear live. It was insane. That's the only word for it. I'm not entirely sure there's a clear video of it anywhere - mine is very jumpy, but it was absolutely the best way to close to the show.

I have to say, I've fallen down the rabbit hole since the concert - I've always liked them a lot, but seeing them live just made me want to go again, immediately. I want to be on the floor close to the stage and really immerse myself in the full experience. Being away from the stage I felt a little detached, and I think being on the floor, in the middle of it the insanity will give me what I'm craving. Overall, a great night thought!

Full Set List (Not in order): Escape • A Beautiful Lie • Attack • Search and Destroy • This is War/100 Suns • L490 • The Kill • Hurricane (Acoustic) • Night of the Hunter (Acoustic) • Vox Populi • Closer to the Edge • Kings & Queens.

A few videos:

L490 + Banter

Hurricane (Acoustic)

The Kill

Kings & Queens


  1. Great review. I was in your same shoes after the Wallingford, CT show and then was at the barrier for the Boston show to 'satisfy that need'. Unfortunately that is an itch that cannot be completely scratched and now I am trying to figure out if I can get myself to one of the shows in Europe.

  2. Great review, I enjoyed reading! Just out of curiosty, what did you have to show as proof that you won the meet and greet passes to get into the room to meet the band? Also, how was the parking? I am going this weekend for a show...are the meters really free after 6pm? I am going on Sunday.

  3. @jib521 I had to show my ID to pick up the tickets at the box office, but my name was on a list for the meet and greet passes. All the radio station winners were on a list. I think if you did the golden ticket you had to bring your ID and paperwork.

    I got there around 5pm and I was able to park right on the street a couple of blocks down from the arena. On Sunday, its free to park, you don't have to feed the meters. Hope this helps!

  4. @SarahBeth Thank you so much for the info...that's great the meters are free on Sundays. I was thinking of getting there around 5pm too, so hopefully I am as lucky as you were! Thanks again, and yes your info def helped!

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  6. Made a typo - that's why I deleted & am reposting.

    OMG! I was there! I was at the meet & greet AND I got on stage!
    At the VERY BEGINNING of your last video (K&Q), the roady puts his hand on the arm of a girl and ushers her to the left of the crowd on stage: that's ME!
    What an awesome night!
    I didn't get any personal video from me being on stage because my sister's camera died. :-( But, I did get a photo from ON STAGE! Love if you checked out the pic on my Echelon Facebook page. There's also a ton of other Mars stuff: Mars 300, Church Of Mars & other Mars photos & videos, links, facts, trivia, contest, etc.