Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco w/Plain Jane Automobile - Don Hills, NYC 10.2.10

I was pretty stoked when this show was announced, as I try to get down to NYC/NJ for Jimmy's shows when I can swing it, and being on a Saturday night, there was really no excuse not to make plans to go. I talked Lisa into coming with me (it didn't take much convincing, honestly) and that Saturday once she got out of class, we headed to NYC. I called Bill when we arrived so he could come down and show us where to park as he let us park in his neighborhood- and let me tell you, trying to find a parking space in New York is an entertaining experience. After driving around for about a half hour, we finally found one and parked and hightailed it to the subway to get where we were staying.

Doors at Don Hills were opening at 7pm, and by this time it was already 6:45. But we arrived, dropped our stuff off, changed very quickly, and headed back to the subway to get to the venue. Hayley called me as we were walking to tell me that the station we were supposed to get off was under construction so to just go to the Canal Street one and we could get to the venue from that stop as well. No problem. Get off at Canal Street, and we somehow must have taken the wrong exit out of the subway station because we definitely weren't on Canal Street anymore. I can't figure out where we are and where we need to go, so I attempt to hail a cab. Its Saturday night, in NYC - which means cabs are few and far between, but we finally get one and the cab drops us a block away from where the venue is. Finally, about 7:45 we arrive- a bit stressed, but ready to enjoy and have a great time.

When we walked in, I saw Tiffanie right away, so I said hi to her and Michelle, and introduced Lisa. We chatted for a few minutes while Cynthia Catania finished up her set, and then made our way to the bar to get drinks before Plain Jane took the stage. I said hi to some other people I knew and managed to make my way over to the floor in front of the stage near where Hayley and Jeri were sitting. Static saw me and came over to say hi while Plain Jane was on. Plain Jane played a good mix of new and upcoming stuff (that I don't know the names of) as well as some older things (Whisper, Starving Streets, and Stones) that are favorites. They were on for about 45 minutes and then the club started setting up for Jimmy's set. Its really interesting to see how a crowd reacts between opener and headliner - Plain Jane is pretty well known amongst Jimmy's fans so there wasn't a lot of chatting going on (plus it was so loud in there you couldn't have had a conversation even if you wanted to) but pretty much everyone was sitting down or standing back from the stage.

As soon as Plain Jane cleared the stage, the crowd started standing up and moving up to be as close as possible. Lisa and I ended up right up front against the stage, just off to the right side of Jimmy's microphone kind of in front of the steps. It ended up working out well that we were standing in front of the steps to the stage because even though we were pretty much in front of the monitors, I could put my phone on the stairs when I cellcasted to Erin (which I did a couple of times, since she couldn't be there). Jimmy sang pretty much the entire album, plus Our Final Hymn (very similar setlist to the Boston show) and it was fabulous as usual. I felt the band was tighter at this show then they were in Boston, which is a great thing. Jimmy, Static and April are so in sync musically anyway, and to add Charlie and Cynthia in was a great move. Everyone sounded great.

We got an extended jam on Days, which was incredible. The more I listen to Days, the more I really like it. And the more I hear the extended version, which came as a bonus track with the limited edition fan package when the album was released, the more I find the song absolutely amazing. When I compared Days to Ran Away to Tell the World, as one of those songs that worms its way into your head without you realizing it, I was absolutely correct because that's exactly what's happened to me. It's jumped into my heart and my head and its one song that I will always be happy to hear live and/or turn up when it comes up on the ipod. Anyway, I digress. Jimmy played drums on this song, and I'm really kind of sad that I didn't get the whole song (including his dancing) on video. They ended with Our Final Hymn which I adore, and finished up around 11 or so. A funny little tidbit - when Jimmy was introducing the band before the encore, April tried to skirt offstage without being recognized and Jimmy wasn't having any of that. He was like, "Don't you run away anywhere yet." April blushed and it was just a really cute moment.

After the lights in the club came up, I was able to say hi to people who I hadn't gotten a chance to say hi to when we first arrived. It was great to see Jessica, John, Jolie & Tim, Nicole, Dave & Tiph, and Michelle as well as others who I've talked to but never formally been introduced to. I got hugs from Static and Duke and was able to introduce Lisa to them as well, which was fun. The club was starting to kick us out so they could turn it over so we ended up outside and a bunch of us went down the street for drinks and to hang out for a bit. Lisa and I finally ended up saying our goodbyes around midnight and got a cab back to where we were staying. We got back late and immediately crashed, as we'd had a busy day, but the show was absolutely worth it.

Patiently Waiting


Our Final Hymn

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