Monday, July 4, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco - Northstar Bar, Philadelphia 6.24.11

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Gansky Photography
This was the show that we almost didn't make it to thanks to the traffic from hell. But we made it, just as Lukas Rossi was finishing his set, so we didn't miss any of Jimmy.  Northstar is a cool venue with a high stage, so even if you're standing in the back of the room, you can still see the performer. When we first walked in, Lukas Rossi was just finishing up and was sitting on a chair on the stage. Even though I was at the bar, I could still see him and the acoustic were great. In addition, there is an upstairs balcony that pretty much hangs right over the top of the stage. Its a nice alternative that gives you a different perspective. Its also nice when its super crowded. The show that night wasn't, but there was still a good crowd.

The setlist was a great combination of Ours songs and Jimmy's solo stuff, which was great to hear and a nice way to introduce people who weren't familiar with Jimmy and his music to it all. It was a treat to hear The Heart right off the bat followed by Patiently Waiting, which was awesome because those songs are so intense on the album and live even more so. Realize was a song that I don't think I'd heard live since 2009, joined by God Only Wants You, which I haven't heard live in forever.
View from the balcony. Photo courtesy of Lisa Gansky Photography

The set ran between slower songs (Darling, Heard You Singing, Mystery) to the more upbeat (The Bells, Ran Away to Tell the World) to the absolutely gorgeous (Days with extended jam and Talk to Me). Talk to Me was probably the most gorgeous I have ever heard it live, and a great way to end the set. The band decided to play one last song, and asked for suggestions from the audience, which caused the entire Ours catalog to be yelled out. They did close with Fallen Souls, which brought the intensity from the opening song full circle in the end. Not to mention, its one of my favorite songs and live, its just insane.

Because we had gotten there so late and didn't have a chance to socialize pre-show, we hung out for awhile to say hello to friends and see if Jimmy would make an appearance. I didn't talk to Jimmy but did say hi to April and chatted with Charlie and Static for a few minutes as they were breaking down. It was absolutely worth the traffic hell to get there - and I'd do it again too. The lighting was horrible and the pictures I took just didn't come out that well, so thanks to my friend Lisa for letting me use hers. Also, Derek Brad took an amazing set of photos, which you can see here.

I do have a couple of videos!


God Only Wants You

Full Setlist: The Heart • Patiently Waiting • Rest Your Soul • Bring You Home • These Are My Hands • Realize • Ran Away to Tell the World • Mystery • Days (with jam) • The Bells • Heard You Singing • Gravity • Darling • God Only Wants You • Talk to Me • Fallen Souls

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